Welcome To Parts Fanuc a Department of Autobotics

Fanuc Robotic Automation and Special Applications

Parts Fanuc / Autobotics is a sales, service, and consulting firm specializing in industrial robotics and plant automation utilizing Fanuc Robotics. We have been in the robotics field since the GMF Robotics days of the 1980’s, which was the predecessor to Fanuc Robotics. For over 30 years of special projects and customer support 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We provide specialized support and Robotic Consulting that most OEM’s do not, and can not offer.  We have experience in SPECIAL COATINGS, Flame Spray, Welding, Palletizing, Material Handling, and other applications that require extreme discretion.  Our team will assist you in various facets of business to include Retro-Fits of robotic systems no matter the application. We also provide professional services,  Organizational Restructuring, Production Analysis, Technical Training, Team Building, Special Application Design which will strengthen your company. We are located in Tulsa , Oklahoma  area and are serving many companies throughout the United States / Canada and International.

Bag Palletizing